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Asia Beach Resort & SPA Hotel, Turkey

Asia Beach Resort is located on the sea front of Alanya. The hotel provides a stunning view of the sea, mountains and the Castle of Alanya, which is specifically breathtaking at night. The hotel has its own private beach along with a pier where you can enjoy the sun, relax or participate in multiple watersport activities. The complex is designed to offer you both the best possible comfort and rest or plenty of activities and entertainment. A peaceful holiday, acompanied by the magnificent mediterranian sunset, is awaiting you.


Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University, Turkey

Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University (ALKU) was established on 2015 as a new state university in Alanya. ALKU aims to provide qualified higher education and an international learning environment with its four faculties (Business, Engineering, Medicine, Education), three graduate schools (Sciences, Social Sciences, Health Sciences) and three vocational schools, all of which together offer variety of programs for associate, bachelor, master’s and Ph.D. degrees, as well as specialization in medicine, for approximately 7,000 students from nearly 40 different countries. ALKU has been constantly evolving rapidly since its establishment and there will soon be new faculties with many programs to be opened in the fields of tourism, sports, fine arts, conservatory, health sciences, and dentistry.

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Located 135 km. east of Antalya province in the Mediterranean region in Turkey, Alanya is a major tourism destination with natural, historical and cultural attractions. ALKU is the first state university in Turkey that is located in a town center instead of city centers, which shows the importance of the town and its future potentials. Transportation to Alanya is easy with year-round international and domestic flights to Alanya-Gazipa┼ča Airport (40 minutes by bus) and Antalya International Airport (2 hours by bus). There are also buses arriving to Alanya bus terminal from all of the major cities of Turkey. Transportation to ALKU campus is available continuously by city buses (number 202) within Alanya.


Based in a paradise-like holiday region, ALKU attaches much importance to the social and cultural development of its students and offers a quality education on international scale. Some of the social and cultural activities include Spring Festival, student clubs, environmental and technical trips, training seminars, conferences, concerts, exhibitions, job fairs, entrepreneurship contests, sports activities, etc. Accommodation opportunities for students include state dormitories, student-friendly accommodation facilities and many apart-hotels.


In ALKU, undergraduate program degrees generally require eight semesters and 240 ECTS credits. Both normal education and evening education programs are available in most of the faculties. Language of education is Turkish for the moment but all faculty can also teach in English. Students have an optional English preparatory year in Faculty of Business. Additionally, German, Russian or Arabic languages are taught throughout several programs. Students also have many academic options like double major or minor degrees, summer school, and transfers to other higher education institutions in Turkey. There will also be student exchange programs like Erasmus, Mevlana and Farabi. ALKU gives the highest importance to internationalization within the changing environment demanded by growing globalization. Within this context, ALKU aims to develop an internationalization strategy and approach that is appropriate for the provision of education, training, research and service in a systematic way, which will increase the quality of work and strengthen both its regional and global position. A central role in this internationalization strategy will be played by the international students who come from every part of the world to study here. With the aim of high quality education on international scale, the number of foreign students is increasing day by day. Currently ALKU already has around 130 international students from 40 different nations from all around the world.


3rd International Hydrogen Technologies Congress / March 15-18, 2018 / Alaaddin Keykubat University, Alanya, Turkey